my Melbourne

What is your story? How do we manage to hold on to memories? Where does reality end and imagination start? What is the difference between reality and imagination? The art project my Melbourne is about the journey of life and the great unknown around it. This series of ten paintings is about people with different cultural backgrounds living in Melbourne. Each person has influenced Roman Schöni's personal story in their own way. As a matter of trust and a symbolic gesture of holding on to information they have given some of their hair, which is included in these artworks.

  1. Woman on a Ledge
  2. Tajine de l'amour / Tajine of Love
  3. Burnt Back
  4. Ni Bandera ni Albufera / Neither flag nor lake
  5. Guruba / Blood
  6. Kaha Ta Pera / Before yellow
  7. Cómplice / Accomplice
  8. Loop
  9. Munwurro / Spirit
  10. Watten Walk