Roman Schoeni was born in Zurich. After working in the advertising branch he moved in year 2002 to Sydney, where he studied in Fine Arts at the TAFE, Northern Beaches College. Between 2006 and 2016 he worked as an independent artist in his studio in Switzerland. Between 2014 and 2016 he studied in Art Therapy at the IAC Integrative Education Centre, Zurich. Since September 2016 Roman Schoeni lives in Melbourne, where he currently works as an Art Tutor at the MSA Melbourne Studio of Art.

Artist Statement 

I am interested in the psychological aspect of creative work and the influence of colour, form and sound. Creative expression allows me to capture moments in time, relationships to people, nature and to myself. Art offers me room to thematise inner visions and to confront my thoughts and impressions. I am in a constant dialogue with my work. As colours and the world of sounds are my passion I transfer sonic waves into my paintings or let paintings talk for themselves through diverse instruments.

Education, Professional Experience, Internship, Artist in Residence

since 2018          MSA Tutor, Melbourne Studio of Art (AU)
2017 – 2018           BAST British Academy of Sound Therapy (AU), Diploma of Group Sound Therapy

2016                              Living Museum, Psyciatric Clinic Wil (CH), four month work placement
2014 – 2016             IAC Integrative Education Center Zurich (CH), Art Therapist IAC
2014                              IAC Integrative Education Center Zurich (CH), Certificate of Medical Basics
2014                              Twinlakes Garden Harare (Zim), one month artist in residence
2004 – 2005             TAFE Northern Beaches College Sydney (AU), Diploma of Fine Arts


2020               VHS Friedrichshafen (group exhibition)
2019               Gallery Uferzone, Theilingen (solo exhibition)
2018               MSA Gallery, Melbourne Studio of Art, Melbourne (solo exhibition)

2018               Gallery Uferzone, Theilingen (group exhibition)
2017                          Gallery Uferzone, Theilingen (group exhibition)
2015                          Salon C, Villa am Aabach, Uster (group exhibition)
2015                           Twin Lakes Garden Gallery, Zurich (group exhibition)
2014                           Salon C, Villa am Aabach, Uster (group exhibition)
2012                           Gallery 21, Zurich (solo exhibition)
2012                           Gallery Hotzenhaus, Illnau (group exhibition)
2011                           Gallery Hotzenhaus, Illnau (group exhibition)
2010                           Gallery Hotzenhaus, Illnau (solo exhibition)
2009                           Atelier 42, Ellighausen (solo exhibition)
2008                           Frauenthalweg, Zurich (solo exhibition)
2007                           Gallery im Juch, Frauenfeld (solo exhibition)
2005                           Manly Art Gallery, Sydney (group exhibition)

Public Commissioned Work

Livit AG Zurich
Zurich Insurance Group (Agency Effretikon)
Aids Hilfe Aarau
Matto Edelbrand
Blickwinkel Magazine
Veroni Reisen, Reisen die klingen
Bodyfit Tagelswangen
Steel Diamonds